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gIve.mE.(a).brEa[K];pund.i{Dio}ts [Love P.G.C.]

At the podium ceremony for the Tour of Flanders (March 31), second-place Peter Sagan pinched the podium girl who was posing for the cameras with winner Fabian Cancellara.

Mr. Sagan displayed a considerable lack of discretion, however, given the general nature of bike racers, it was, well…, rather cute.  Harmless.  Many opinion stylists had to go the full extent of their condemnation and fever-up all the FemiNazi rhetoric.  Given the slightest opportunity the FemiNazi watch doesn’t waste a moment before they chime in with their criticism of the Podium Girl phenomenon, but let me ask you this: Have you ever known of a Podium Girl who didn’t volunteer for the job (with the full understanding of the implications of the spectacle)?  Remember Super-Chicken?  At the end of every episode he would gently remind his bashed-up and broken-bone side-kick: “Fred, you knew the job was dangerous when you took it.”

We love these men because they’re our Warriors & not politically correct little Girlie-Boys.

To the FemiNazi element I say this: go stuff yourself!   Personally, I think there is a significant female contingent in the bike racing audience who appreciates PGC (Podium Girl Culture) as much as the men.

FYI: I’ve read just as many FemiNazi comments from men as well as women out there in the Blog-o-Sphere: What’s happened?  Sounds like a lot of silly boys have been brain-washed.  Equality is a great goal between the sexes but we don’t have to eliminate the fact that there is a difference.  Mutual respect between the sexes is without question but I also believe a little chauvinism and innocent sexism brings something essential to the achievement of  that goal and enriches our culture with an essence of truth at the same time.

Long Live the PGC!

Photo: Bryn Lennon of Getty Images

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