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ProWalk/ProBike:ProPlace(2012).{Long Beach}

  • Suja Lowenthal [Councilwoman] & Mikael Colville-Andersen [Cycle-Chic] Suja Lowenthal [Councilwoman] & Mikael Colville-Andersen [Cycle-Chic]
  • Charlie Gandy MC of Ceremonies Charlie Gandy MC of Ceremonies
  • Clarence Eckerson Jr. of Street Films Clarence Eckerson Jr. of Street Films

The ProWalk/ProBike:ProPlace Convention (2012) [by Project for Public Spaces] was held in Long Beach, CA this year [Monday Sept 10 through Thurs Sept 13] and, for me, the highlights were the opportunity to attend the remarkable opening keynotes, at the Wednesday morning plenary, by Cycle-Chic celebrity Mikael Colville-Andersen [ &] and Phil Latz of Where to Bike, LLC, [] and afterwards, in the breakout-sessions, I caught the presentations of Bikenomics and a Case for Bike Friendly Business Districts by Elly Blue [] and April Economides [] making it a great couple of  days to meet a few people in the bicycle advocacy industry whose aspirations are inspiring and whose calls to action have unassailable direction of purpose and then it was all topped out with an introduction to the super energetic Clarence Eckerson Jr. of [love his stuff] who I met on the Promenade in Downtown Long Beach Thursday nite before the end of convention extravaganza at the super-groovy jacked-over Cycle-Chic Fashion show produced by Melissa Balmer, creator of  Women on Bikes Southern California.

Mikael Colville-Andersen’s keynote address is well covered by Carolyn Szczepanski [Communications Director @ League of American Bicyclists]:

The Revolution will Not be Motorized.

Muy-Mas AnImAuX!

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