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October B.R.E. (Best Ride Ever): 80 miles on single speeds from Long Beach to Solana Beach where the ride terminates at the Pizza Port just as the brain and body start fighting each other over who’s in control when the threshold of regret starts creeping into the soul and rule-5 gnaws away in the cavity of your so-called cranium as you’re telling yourself it’s just a winter training ride as you stop in time to quaff some craft beer and soothe the crinkles in the brain and let the body wind down after its anxiousness that there might have been some trickery and tom-foolery to get everyone to go that extra 25 miles down the highway, over Torrey Pines (at the 85 mile mark), and into downtown San Diego as if it was really a pre-season training ride when everyone’s trying to break everyone else’s legs to show who’s got the shit.

Pizza Port opens the taps at 11:00am so you gotta roll from Long Beach at 6:30 to greet the flow of hopped out relief before the hordes invade.

Muy-Mas AniMaUx!

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