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There’s a sartorial necessity, a commitment, an absolute obligation to one’s presentation when you’re out and about on the bike whether it’s in the team kit, the shop colors or just your day to day city-ride fashion threads and it’s all in the details and starts with the socks and believe me, socks can be a struggle and it’s gotten so complicated with the popularity of  “The Sock Guy” and other producers where every team, club and shop have the ability to be their own fashion-council, losing their sense of restraint, and the noise becomes so deafening you urgently seek unity with the zen of “less is more” to quiet the fashion overload and you just wanna scream for some silence and relief from the fashion chaos of making a statement on every level of attire.

  • The Gap: Athletic Quarter Crew Socks The Gap: Athletic Quarter Crew Socks
  • Rapha: City Socks Rapha: City Socks
  • Rapha: Merino Wool Socks Rapha: Merino Wool Socks

For straight-up white or black socks (no logos, no statements, no nothing) I discovered the “athletic quarter crew sock” from the Gap; comfy, just above the ankle, cushioned sole and good, substantial quality ($12.00/3 pairs).  Sharp.

I also think Rapha’s selection of socks is worthwhile; colorful, elegant and no logos; $25.00/pair.

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S.o.C.K.(s) AnIMauX!

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