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New York Times 12/2011: Floyd Landis was sighted at a roller race in the Parkside Lounge (a bar in the Lower East Side, NYC). According to the article “he is now training to become a Nascar driver. But he declined to discuss his new car-racing career or his part in the Tour de France scandals.

Roller Races have been a big scene across the decades and still attract a crowd.  They’re often sanctioned events with USA Cycling officials in attendance.  I ran across the article while researching the winner of the RedHook Crit [Milano/2012]; Evan Murphy (he’s the guy that’s crashed on the left in this photo).

FYI: FLandis was mentioned in the piece as a BTW (incidentally).

The article is worth reading: NY Times (Dec 24, 2011)
[Photo Credit: Michael Kirby Smith for The New York Times]

Racing is AniMaUx’ sTincTuAL!


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