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15.shOpPiNg.daYz:{x}mAs makes cloths for “Tailored Performance.” Originally I discovered Outlier’s pants and shirts tailored specifically for city riding and they continue to extend their selection of items for active living.  Outlier has no compulsion to brand their merchandise with anything other than impeccable styling; I haven’t seen a logo on a single item they produce.  Their return policy is very generous; 45 days; they only ask that items be returned clean and not smelly.

I’m looking forward to wearing this jacket (OG Blazer) riding the bike around town while sporting the elegance of grown up and tailored. City-Rides require Tailored Performance rather than Technical Sports Tailoring.

Outier’s style sense reminds me of the restraint you find in clothing by Theory.

When you’re not on a training ride, wearing your favorite kit,  you still need to respect your personal sartorial style on city-rides just as you do in general.

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