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Leaving the house without a (snot rag / brow wipe) is unforgivable; oN or oFf the bike!  The Handkerchief is an absolute essential on long rides.  To maintain proper etiquette you need a decent rag to carry in your pocket.  Now’s the time.  My favorite clothier (and I don’t even own any of their stuff; yEt) has a great handkerchief and bandana made out of linen; fabric of the Gods.  There is nothing like a linen handkerchief; a tactile quality unmatched by cotton and durable as steel.


According to Outlier:
A 14″ square of pure linen goodness. Digitally printed featuring original artwork by Dan Funderburgh. 100% linen, like an old-school handkerchief. Unlike cotton, linen absorbs 20% of its weight in moisture while staying dry to the touch, so it keeps your brow dry on those hot days. It is incredibly soft and breaks in beautifully.

Time for Xmas SHopping: PurO AniMaUx!

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