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Side Hack Music Machine

Not a single Freddie took me up on the invitation to be a part of this epic bike/music event.  The kids and I packed the bikes, drove to the west side and joined in the event.  The ride started at Media Park in Culver City on Venice Blvd.‘s monthly ride was an experience to be remembered! About 200 riders on all sorts of bicycles essentially took control of the city streets from Culver City, through West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Century City and Santa Monica.  At each intersection, 4 to 6 riders would stop and hold traffic back so when the light turned red all the riders could pass through safely.  There was near total acceptance of the riders by Los Angeles motorists on a busy Saturday nite; it was absolutely amazing!    Everyone honked in appreciation, rolled their windows down and cheered!  The route mostly passed on busy main streets: Venice, Fairfax, Beverly Blvd, Santa Monica Blvd, Olympic.  Absolutely Amazing!  2 pop-up music venues and the last stop was a place for everyone to chilax, munch some treats and visit.  The air was thick all evening with the sweet scent of cannabis.

The ride departed at 8:30 and arrived at the final spot at 1:30am.  Not even a single cop was ever to be seen. Amazing!!  The ride covered about 25 miles.

Apparently, Critical Mass rides in Los Angeles have had their effect on motorists; they realize how to share the road and enjoy a parade.

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