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There’s a tightly woven lattice of coincidence on the web and GSC (Golden Saddle Cyclery) appears to be one of the major nodules on the grid.

After becoming familiar with the shop (through the Internet), and all the events and personalities that originate from or in close proximity to GSC, I knew it was time for a trip to Mecca.

By appearance GSC is not a pro-shop, but as you become familiar with the personalities involved, it’s apparent their expertise runs deep and they’re serious cyclists.  On the surface it’s a shop all about city-riding, single-speeds and goofing around but underneath it all the boys in attendance are cycling nuts with deep roots in the racing community (track, road and cross) (but they don’t make much fuss of it).  The reticence is so thick you need a band-saw to cut through it; it’s old-school through and through with a keen mind to the current vibe of the cycling community.




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