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There’s a tightly woven lattice of coincidence on the web and GSC (Golden Saddle Cyclery) appears to be one of the major nodules on the grid. After becoming familiar with the shop (through the Internet), and all the events and personalities that originate from or in close proximity to GSC, I knew it was time [...]


West River Cycles: Julius (proprietor) evolved his love for cycling in Philadelphia (hence the Keystone graphics) and recently relocated to Long Beach (CA) where he and his wife Kristen (newly nuptial’d) opened their Bicycle Love Furnace and have devoted themselves to all things bikes.  There are a lot of new bike shops opening in Long [...]


Tri-Pacific [TP] is a fairly new, high-end, small boutique Tri/Road Shop on the sleepy upscale island of Naples [Long Beach, CA].  When it first opened, the circle of “KNOW” talked about TP’s staying power; its future looks promising.  Leonard [the proprietor] appears to be developing an ardent cadre of followers; tri-characters, road evangelists, junior race [...]


Mojo Voodoo Vibe is good crack. There’s a relatively new bike shop in Long Beach full of that energy on Broadway just west of Cherry in the Broadway Corridor.  They specialize in vintage and city style bikes and offer restoration services.  It’s a quirky little shop with an offbeat attitude that fits the locale perfectly.  [...]


Junking out new bike shop discoveries is a grand part of the urban cycling addiction. When you’re powering the internal combustion you often can’t crack-out the hidden treasures and it’s just too much damn work to stop and find a parking space in the urban confine to see how anyone else is thriving; when you’re [...]


seriously. what the hUH(?) is a bike shop s’Poz to be?   it’s time for shops to transform themselves to be more than just a repository of  bicycling merchandise for sale; ain’t that’s what(z) the douBle-U.dOUbLe-u.doUBle-yoU’z  {www} beez’n all’bout. Maybe it’s a rough road to hoe (ya’hOE)  but the retail paradigm be shift’d.  Bike shops offer [...]


I found a sUpEr-KoOL Jack’d-ouT bike shop at 1157 Long Beach Blvd [near Anaheim]: The Long Beach Bike Connection.  They’re over-stocked with lot’s of cool junk.  They must have 100 used bikes on the floor and lots of them worth their weight in gold for city riding.  Their entire inventory is used bicycles with about [...]


The new Velo Joint {Long Beach Cyclery / aka LaHabra Bixby Knolls} is almost prime time!! Don’t miss the Limp-D Opening December 3rd.  Bring Champagne.  3756 Long Beach Blvd, 150 feet south of Bixby Rd. The shop is featuring an Opening Special; custom wheels and bikes for the new race team {see photo}. The Tortuga [...]