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rIDgE.RouTe: LAtTicE.o’cOinCidEnCe

Sunday’s article in the LA Times inspired an adventure ride along the Old Ridge Route from Lake Castiac to Gorman and maybe even beyond to Bakersfield on a network of dirt roads winding along the east side of Interstate 5 down to the valley floor.  Plans were spinning in the brain.

After Sunday’s article I discovered (through Instaram) a new endeavor: and their Brovet.

The guys at Yonder are promoting their own style of Randonnuering:  “Inspired by Randonnuering as well as our love of maps, cue-sheets, history, colloquial nuance, self-reliance to the point of absurdity, cycling from A-to-B, corn-dogging, regional vernacular and riding through the day into the night (and maybe back into the day), Brovet is a Guide Book to American Permanents (predetermined routes/rides), the completion of which results in a route-specific patch.”

Visit their website for the cue sheet: OldRidgeRoad

The Brovet starts and ends at Golden Saddle Cyclery (Hyperion District) in Los Angeles.  Round trip: 125 miles.  It’s not a scheduled adventure; plan your own tripin’ation.

We’re planning on doing the ride Friday March 1 or Saturday March 2.  Stay in touch for a date confirmation.

The Brovet pamphlets will be available soon from or you can pick one up at the bike shop: Golden Saddle Cyclery.  I was told I’ve ordered the very first one.

What’s so remarkable about all of this is simply the scale of coincidence: The Lattice of Coincidence

It’s time for AniMaUx!

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