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eL.Revolution will NOT be Motorized!

The botherhood is tired of being jack’d around by the motor-man. ( The Revolution will NOT be Motorized! You will not be able to super glide, mybrother. You will not be able to gas up, burn out or cop out. You will not be able to lose yourself on skag and skip, Skip out for [...]


Dario Pegoretti at Interbike 2012:  Italian frame builder janked-over-extraordinaire. Dario Pegoretti (born 1957) is an Italian framebuilder based in Caldonazzo, outside the town of Trento, in the Dolomites, about 62 miles northwest of Venice. The frames are impeccably constructed by Dario, a dedicated craftsman, yet painted and decorated by the irreverent sensibilities of a consummate [...]


One might hesitate to say it was a smack-down struggle for best of show . . . Jacked in with an Omnium Race at the ADT Velodrome in Carson (CA) (Saturday Sept.22), the  Los Angeles Velodrome Racing Association hosted a Fix Gear & Track Bike show.  There were about 20 entries. CogJoint picked its own [...]


Cinelli is to the deep mystique of Italian cycling tradition as Nitto is to the fetish of the Keirin anchored in Japanese culture and when you think of iconic cycling institutions Campagnolo instantly comes to mind and not far behind follows the rich styling of Cinelli who has successfully maintained a vibrant profile in the [...]


This stuff Rocks Ass. The most exciting product at InterBike had to be Giro’s new lace-up shoe collection with jack’d-out colors to suit every personality (disorder) and showcases the company’s emerging edgy, yet unpretentious, vision aligned with that devil-be-damned attitude twined in the culture of cycling  similar to the surf mind-set and kicks up the [...]


The city of Long Beach officially supports Bike Corrals [parking spaces previously reserved for cars, functionally shifted for bicycles: a parking space for one car = 10 bicycles]. Acapulco Inn (AI) [2nd Street, Long Beach] jack’d out its own pony parking. They’z not be waiting for no stinking official in(vite)stallation. The AI is creating their [...]

ProWalk/ProBike:ProPlace(2012).{Long Beach}

The ProWalk/ProBike:ProPlace Convention (2012) [by Project for Public Spaces] was held in Long Beach, CA this year [Monday Sept 10 through Thurs Sept 13] and, for me, the highlights were the opportunity to attend the remarkable opening keynotes, at the Wednesday morning plenary, by Cycle-Chic celebrity Mikael Colville-Andersen [ &] and Phil Latz of [...]


Sometimes a City Ride will take you to the local beverage store where you’ll contemplate a thirst quencher and you can’t always decide on a single definitive selection that’ll jack out the taste buds just rite.  Il Soigneur’s musette bag {35cm x 25cm} will carry your iPad with room for other stuff or three (3) [...]


El Dorado Park has been a venue for Tuesday night racing {training} for over 30 years {founded in part by Pete Whitehead, Mark’s father}.  Bikeable Communities has recently taken on the task of promoting the yearly series [March through August and occasionally into September] and dedicated the last event for 2012 to the memory of [...]


Tri-Pacific [TP] is a fairly new, high-end, small boutique Tri/Road Shop on the sleepy upscale island of Naples [Long Beach, CA].  When it first opened, the circle of “KNOW” talked about TP’s staying power; its future looks promising.  Leonard [the proprietor] appears to be developing an ardent cadre of followers; tri-characters, road evangelists, junior race [...]