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October B.R.E. (Best Ride Ever): 80 miles on single speeds from Long Beach to Solana Beach where the ride terminates at the Pizza Port just as the brain and body start fighting each other over who’s in control when the threshold of regret starts creeping into the soul and rule-5 gnaws away in the cavity [...]


West River Cycles: Julius (proprietor) evolved his love for cycling in Philadelphia (hence the Keystone graphics) and recently relocated to Long Beach (CA) where he and his wife Kristen (newly nuptial’d) opened their Bicycle Love Furnace and have devoted themselves to all things bikes.  There are a lot of new bike shops opening in Long [...]


There’s a sartorial necessity, a commitment, an absolute obligation to one’s presentation when you’re out and about on the bike whether it’s in the team kit, the shop colors or just your day to day city-ride fashion threads and it’s all in the details and starts with the socks and believe me, socks can be [...]


Red Hook Crit/Milano (RHC/M) No. 3: all fix gears, no brakes, 22 lap criterium on the streets of Milano, Italy, International Field [100 riders].  You don’t see no cut-offs in this fix-gear peloton. RHC/M No.1 & No.2 were nite events.  RHC-M No. 3 was in full day light (who knows why; evidence of its success?; [...]


The proof is in the put’n. Cardboard bicycles for pure transportaion; it’s got my attention. Inventor says it should sell for $20.00 retail.  Is this the answer to world salvation?  It’s the simplest, most straight forward approach to an innovative solution I’ve seen in a while.  So much in “new design” concepts are over the [...]


This jacked-up trick took all the wiggle out of the wrench so a stubborn bottom bracket (BB) fixed cup {old-school} (solidly in place for over 25 years – pictured above) could be easily removed without a specialty tool. It’s tricky bidness removing a rust welded fixed cup because the thickness where the tool takes its [...]


From Interbike 2012: Rapha didn’t have an exhibit space but displayed this jacket at the “Urban Yard” on the exterior wall surrounding Chrome’s area.  I love it. It’s a piece I could wear anytime, on or off the bike, but not with the brand name blazoned across the chest; as is, it could work as [...]


cIcLAvIA no.5 According to the LA Times there were about 100,000 people on the streets for CicLAvIA no. 5. The reported estimate for the April event (no. 4) was similar but no. 5 felt more dense. While the spirit of the crowd in April seemed all about the party, the spirit on Sunday was all [...]


Tremble Racing is putting on the 3rd Red Hook Fix Gear Crit in Milano: October 14, 2012.  The field is limited to 100 riders and registration is closed.  The talent spreads from across 14 countries. This is bad-ass shit. Read the Press Release Poster by Rocco Malatesta Design:   window.fbAsyncInit = function() { FB.init({appId: [...]


The Sartorialist is a blog-site by a street photographer who’s tuned into the culture of  stylish dress, poetically expressed by day to day people on the street, random finds, whose reality of existence is beyond the pages of Vogue magazine. It’s inspirational and instills faith that the world is actually populated, in pockets, with slender [...]