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Rule No. 5: Harden the Fuck Up! (often referred to as V)


2(8) days til Christmas:


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You know you want one.



29 days til Christmas:  Get yOuR ShoPPing sPRint oN!

Book Review: Merckx 525 (Amazon) $38.00 Hardback

Interbike (1986 Long Beach): Eddy was the man strutting his shit at InterBike with an entourage sniffing at his heels while he puffed unapologetically on his Gauloise.

[c](An)ImAuX mUy verDaD!

Book Review: Merckx 525Book Review: Merckx 525



30 days til Christmas:  Time to go ShoPPing.

Feal Mor
4206 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90029

Tuesday – Saturday:  11am – 6pm
Sunday:  Noon – 5pm




eL.{reV}o[Lu]TioN . . .

The Revolution will NOT be Motorized!
You will not be able to super glide, mybrother.
You will not be able to gas up, burn out or cop out.
You will not be able to lose yourself on skag and skip,
Skip out for gas fueled beer runs,
Because the revolution will not be Motorized.


There’s a burgeoning GL(o)b{aL} bike race audience and as thin as the density of spectatorship has been in the U.S. there is a new force of curiosity and interest, long weary of standard sanctioned venues, jacking-out around a young American Promoter {David Tremble} who has cauterized the path to underground racing and is setting {a} new stan(d)ard; RedHook Milano & RedHook Brooklyn are proof of that excitement.

I found this video on an iTalian CHannel:

The Revolution will Not be Motorized!



Over 28 bike related businesses have opened in Long Beach during the last 18 months.  myBicycle is a new shop on Orange Ave just off Broadway.  Cameron has created an artful space out of slim inventory.   If he was a junk yard proprietor the goods would have the appearance of lost treasure.

Visit the website:

Visit the shop:
212 Orange Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90802


sQ.(uAt)s:Off Season Training


It’s off-season training; everybody’s doing it.

Lawn Jockey and Bubbles are jack’n out the Cross-Fit looking for a sly advantage to strike on the peloton.

The Tortuga is in over his head (singing his “Song to the Siren”) riding the bike, going to spin class like a dizzy love-struck dervish, lifting weights; it’s like the candle burning brighter before it goes aLL extin(s)[q]uished.

The Padooch is trying to get some Cross-Fit to tighten up the potato induced amoeboid bloat (he’s hopeless on his own).

Uber-Pudge is Paddle-Boarding (stand-up straight you iDiOtT!) tRying to wane the wedge.

The Mexican is Squat’N his brains out [with what little grey matter he can bring to bear] [Week-5].

The mighty Pumbaa is suffering a cardi’jack’nduced stifle and Tube-Top is stuffing down dinner nightly after 9:00pm and starting to notice he’s getting his own padooch on.

YellowMan’s beyond hope coming into the off-season 40lbs overweight with the eat’N holidays calculating their attack on his thin resolve to resist temptation and I’ve seen no attempt on his part to mend the errors of his consumptions.

If you’re not oN a program you better get moving.  Winter (t)ain’t forever.

Jack-It Out aNiMauX!



New York Times 12/2011: Floyd Landis was sighted at a roller race in the Parkside Lounge (a bar in the Lower East Side, NYC). According to the article “he is now training to become a Nascar driver. But he declined to discuss his new car-racing career or his part in the Tour de France scandals.

Roller Races have been a big scene across the decades and still attract a crowd.  They’re often sanctioned events with USA Cycling officials in attendance.  I ran across the article while researching the winner of the RedHook Crit [Milano/2012]; Evan Murphy (he’s the guy that’s crashed on the left in this photo).

FYI: FLandis was mentioned in the piece as a BTW (incidentally).

The article is worth reading: NY Times (Dec 24, 2011)
[Photo Credit: Michael Kirby Smith for The New York Times]

Racing is AniMaUx’ sTincTuAL!



  • Focus Urban-8 Focus Urban-8
  • Nitto Mini-Front Rack from Rivendale Bicycle Works Nitto Mini-Front Rack from Rivendale Bicycle Works
  • Something worth picking up at Bev-Mo; that's why you carry a shoulder bag. Something worth picking up at Bev-Mo; that's why you carry a shoulder bag.
  • Detail Mini-Front Rack Detail Mini-Front Rack

MOLEs [Men of Leisure] arrange their personal schedules by whim; like spontaneous combustion.  When a MOLE is out and about town it’s essential to carry a shoulder bag complemented with a front rack of minimum presence but yet one that enhances and adds accent to an otherwise cool city ride.

Guero recently acquired a Nitto Mini-Front Rack from Rivendale Bicycle Works to jack out his Focus Urban 8 he bought from Long Beach Cylery.

Esthetically, rear racks ruin the lines of a bicycle; the horizontal lines of the rack conflict with those of the seat stays but a front rack seems to complement the form of a city bike extending the line of the fork crown enhancing the visual sense of forward direction and works perfectly for city errands to fetch goods that don’t require too much in the way of stowage.  Keep a tote bag along and you can secure its tote handles to the bars and rest the cargo on the rack; for errands of short distances this works well.

Show us your rack AniMaUX!


All his life this kid has been exposed to cycling as a thread in the fabric of one’s existence and now his personal involvement is taking on an independent life and he’s jack’n out the culture on his own terms.  Henry (my son) designed and illustrated this poster for a new club he’s started at his high school (Wilson) [freshman year] in Long Beach {CA}.

mUy AnI’mi-JaUx!