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s{i}GH.T[e]D: Commuter

Sighted in Long Beach on my ride home from the shop [Lucy & Chano]:   Mr. H. Steiner, from Germany, rolls his folding bike to the bus stop on Bellflower for a little multi-modal commuting.  He thinks American motorists are too impatient.  He says “…it’s telling.” The Revolution will not be Motorized. AniMaUx   window.fbAsyncInit = [...]

eLe{va}T[ioN] (J)oT.MaPs

JoT [Journal of Training] maps now has elevation graphs. Cool shit.  I finally found the time to integrate Google’s new Visualization API and elevation data.  The map below outlines YonderJournal’s Brovet from Los Angeles to Gorman starting at the GoldSaddleCyclery near Silverlake. If you’d like to join me for the ride: Sunday May19 (send an [...]


Redhook Crit : Look at the number of people attending the podium event! This is what racing is all about!  David Tremble has taken racing back to the where it started and where it belongs; at the pinnacle of excitement.  The event started as a completely underground, unsanctioned event which brought an immediate appeal to [...]

In[ST](a)Gram Obsession

CogJoinT would like to take a moment and apologize to its 3 readers for the lapse in posts due to a distraction with Instagram. Follow CogJoint: @cogjoint  [the 20 latest Instagram posts are displayed on the right below the Sites & Stuff "To Love" ] window.fbAsyncInit = function() { FB.init({appId: “364015433630063″, status: true, cookie: true, [...]

L’Eroica Americana

The Almanzo 100 and the Royal 162: 100 and 162 mile gravel road excursions in South Eastern Minnesota.  Something like an Italian Eroica in the U.S. but it’s a race [400+ riders in the 100]:  May 18.  Who’s In? Photo:   window.fbAsyncInit = function() { FB.init({appId: “364015433630063″, status: true, cookie: true, xfbml: true}); [...]


New shop (about 5 months) in Long Beach: 970 E Broadway. The owner, Trey Russell, has donated 17 bikes to Danny Gamboa’s Ghost Bike program since August 2012. Danny Gamboa: Muy Muertos AniMauX.   window.fbAsyncInit = function() { FB.init({appId: “364015433630063″, status: true, cookie: true, xfbml: true}); }; (function() { var e = document.createElement(“script”); e.async [...]

rIDgE.RouTe: LAtTicE.o’cOinCidEnCe

Sunday’s article in the LA Times inspired an adventure ride along the Old Ridge Route from Lake Castiac to Gorman and maybe even beyond to Bakersfield on a network of dirt roads winding along the east side of Interstate 5 down to the valley floor.  Plans were spinning in the brain. After Sunday’s article I [...]

rIDgE.RouTe: Adventure oPPorTuniTy

Sunday Edition of the LA Times (California section 01-13-2013) featured an article about the Old Ridge Route that parallels Interstate 5 (Hwy 99) from Castaic Lake to Fort Tejon, closed to automobile traffic.  Perfect opportunity for a ride in Angeles Crest. 36 miles from the start of Old Ridge Road to the Chevron Station at [...]


Celo Europa (CE) has had many incarnations.  At one time [in the 80s] CE  was located in Corona Del Mar on PCH just south of MacArthur.  That CE store has long disappeared.  The owner, Marcel, liked to tell visitors his bikes were built for him by Colnago.  Marcel is a showman with a deep passion [...]


Lights can overflow the brim of the box o’Lights [the supply bin] in the garage but it’s like talking to the walls trying to get the chill’Ren to take lights when they thinks they;s mIgHT be home after 0-DarK-30.  Night-Rider 650(bottom center) is a great light for after dark or before sunrise; easily recharges and [...]