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My biggest fear is that they will confuse me with another racer.
~Claudio Chiappucci


New Year’s Day Ride 2013 [29th Annual]: Round-trip Long Beach to San Juan Capistrano.  The ride gets bigger and bigger every year.

  • Corona del Mar: the long tail . . . Corona del Mar: the long tail . . .
  • Huntington Beach Huntington Beach

Prospero aÑo AniMauX!


New Year’s Day Ride: Long Beach to San Juan Capistrano and back:  29th Annual.
350-400 Riders.  Thank you Fluff-Daddy for the iPhone video. [~29.5mph]



My son Henry’s 1st build; pākē frame-set.

Oops! Ohh well.  When I said “30 yrs from now you’ll more fondly remember it as the night your father put the first paint ding in your new frame rather than it being a perfect build,“  he smiled.  He understands the anxiety of the first blemish is behind him now.  We were unable to finish when we realized we had the wrong headset; Richard gave me a 1 inch, not the 32mm.

It’s a great reward; putting a bike together together.



It’s SECOND  annual Jingle Bell Ride.

On Friday, 12-21-2011, we’ll ride up the L.A. River trail from the mighty Tortuga’s Long Beach Cyclery in Bixby Knolls (Long Beach Blvd and Bixby) to 3rd and Traction in the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles for lunch at the Wurstküche.  Depart 9:30 am [sharp].

It’s the annual JBR event; an event the cycling community has been anticipating with lots of zoom’d out holiday fever; a fever so intense it will give HeyZeus (nuestro Padre; aka the Birthday Boy) cause to make a sneak attack off the front from this sacred tomb (or did he already do that?) with frenzied cheer and declare the celebration an honor to his martyrdom.

Sometimes even poser racer-boyz just need to mozy along on their steel & carbon ponies with a chillax’d attitude and enjoy the scenery at a holiday pace.  The river trail is beautiful in its solitude; it allows a respite from the heavy chaos of motorized street life but at the same time, simultaneously, it’s a romantic reminder of the unrelenting brutality of the environs through which it meanders.  The LA River Trail is an under-utilized resource.

The first annual was a successful event. We had about 35 riders.  Come out and make this year’s even more remarkable.

The Wurstküche boasts a sexy list of tasty sausage dogs and french fries with a great selection of beers to keep the spirit lively.

Put it on your calendar for Christmas Season 2012.

Here’s some pictures from last year:


Muy Jesus Animaux!


There’s a tightly woven lattice of coincidence on the web and GSC (Golden Saddle Cyclery) appears to be one of the major nodules on the grid.

After becoming familiar with the shop (through the Internet), and all the events and personalities that originate from or in close proximity to GSC, I knew it was time for a trip to Mecca.

By appearance GSC is not a pro-shop, but as you become familiar with the personalities involved, it’s apparent their expertise runs deep and they’re serious cyclists.  On the surface it’s a shop all about city-riding, single-speeds and goofing around but underneath it all the boys in attendance are cycling nuts with deep roots in the racing community (track, road and cross) (but they don’t make much fuss of it).  The reticence is so thick you need a band-saw to cut through it; it’s old-school through and through with a keen mind to the current vibe of the cycling community.





Leaving the house without a (snot rag / brow wipe) is unforgivable; oN or oFf the bike!  The Handkerchief is an absolute essential on long rides.  To maintain proper etiquette you need a decent rag to carry in your pocket.  Now’s the time.  My favorite clothier (and I don’t even own any of their stuff; yEt) has a great handkerchief and bandana made out of linen; fabric of the Gods.  There is nothing like a linen handkerchief; a tactile quality unmatched by cotton and durable as steel.


According to Outlier:
A 14″ square of pure linen goodness. Digitally printed featuring original artwork by Dan Funderburgh. 100% linen, like an old-school handkerchief. Unlike cotton, linen absorbs 20% of its weight in moisture while staying dry to the touch, so it keeps your brow dry on those hot days. It is incredibly soft and breaks in beautifully.

Time for Xmas SHopping: PurO AniMaUx!

15.shOpPiNg.daYz:{x}mAs makes cloths for “Tailored Performance.” Originally I discovered Outlier’s pants and shirts tailored specifically for city riding and they continue to extend their selection of items for active living.  Outlier has no compulsion to brand their merchandise with anything other than impeccable styling; I haven’t seen a logo on a single item they produce.  Their return policy is very generous; 45 days; they only ask that items be returned clean and not smelly.

I’m looking forward to wearing this jacket (OG Blazer) riding the bike around town while sporting the elegance of grown up and tailored. City-Rides require Tailored Performance rather than Technical Sports Tailoring.

Outier’s style sense reminds me of the restraint you find in clothing by Theory.

When you’re not on a training ride, wearing your favorite kit,  you still need to respect your personal sartorial style on city-rides just as you do in general.


16 shopping days til Xmas.
Freitag: European truck tarps made into messenger bags; each one unique; many different sizes and models.  Jack’d out coool shit.  It’s a Bro-Bag phenom.  You gotta order online; there is barely any distribution [to speak of] in the U.S.  Order by Dec 12 to get delivery in time for gifting.


24 sHoP’n Days:cIn{e}.LL[i]

The Art and Design of the Bicycle
by Morano, Lodovico Pignatti
Recently released October 2012

Overstock $32.95
Amazon: $34.65

Cinelli is to the deep mystique of Italian cycling tradition as Nitto is to the fetish of the Keirin anchored in Japanese culture and when you think of iconic cycling institutions Campagnolo instantly comes to mind and not far behind follows the rich styling of Cinelli who has successfully maintained a vibrant profile in the traditional circles of competitive cycling and has also found an enthusiastic market/audience in the fix-gear crowd.

Their presence is not overplayed by a hyper-corporate necessity.

The book chronicles over 65 years of Cinelli’s evolvement of Cycling Culture.


This is a great gi(F)t iDeA!  Buy one for your own XmAZ stoCk(ing).  [27] days until the fat man rides into town.

This is the time of year when you really want to know the temperature during those early morning rides.  Sometimes it fluctuates on certain parts of the ride and it’s surprising.  Now you don’t have to guess and you’ve got a conversation piece when the pace gets jack slow.

Replace the stem cap with something that will talk to you.

Stemcaptain: $24.95

Mucho Frio AniMaUx!